About Us


At ZincSearch, we bring Cloud, Kubernetes, DevOps and Engineering expertise to provide a solution to the problem of observability at low cost. ZincSearch is the simplest and easiest search system to get up and running. Founded in 2022, ZincSearch came up with an open source easy-to-use search engine that solves your observability needs the best.


Why use ZincSearch?

Lower Resource Requirements (CPU, Memory)
Lower Resource Requirements (CPU, Memory).
  • Lower cost of infrastructure
  • Every developer can run it on their laptop without consuming too much resources.
Lower Resource Requirements (CPU, Memory)
Easy To Operate
  • Lower cost of manpower.
  • Faster time to market.
Lower Resource Requirements (CPU, Memory)
Stateless Server (Experimental Phase)
  • ZincSearch strives to provide stateless servers that can be scaled horizontally.
  • Storing data on S3 and MinIO allowing you to bring servers up and down based on load.
Lower Resource Requirements (CPU, Memory)
Edge Search
  • Generally to search logs/data generated at edge you need to send them to a centralized logging system due to high resource requirements of the search server.
  • ZincSearch allows you to search at edge with its small footprint.

The Team

Prabhat Sharma LinkedIn - Prabhat Sharma

ZincSearch was founded by Prabhat Sharma based on his learnings from years of his work at AWS working with hundreds of startups, ISVs and very large customers who faced the challenge of searching logs and other application data.

ZincSearch Prabhat Sharma ZincSearch

Hengfei Yang LinkedIn - Hengfei Yang

Hengfei Yang is a full stack engineer with rich experience in distributed system development. He is passionate about open source. He has built and led many technical teams in the past 10 years.

ZincSearch Hengfei Yang ZincSearch