Use Cases

Log Search

Searching for logs for your applications can be tedious and challenging. ZincSearch solves the problem very elegantly. You can use standard log forwarders like fluentd, fluent-bit, vector, syslog-ng or others to forward logs to ZincSearch. ZincSearch can then store the indexed logs in S3 or on disk and provide fast search for your logs.

Log forwarders can read the log files incrementally as new logs appear in them and can then forward them in batches in order to be more efficient in sending them.


App Search

Almost every application requires search functionality. If you are using relational database for your application needs, using SQL LIKE for text searches has the potential to kill the database. ZincSearch is the perfect search solution in this case.


Edge Search

You have low powered devices on the edge that require search functionality. ZincSearch is the perfect solution to provide search on these low powered devices.

e.g. Your IoT/IDS/IPS/Firewall device needs search capability for so users can search for required data or logs.